The following cases constitute examples of common business situations that could lead a certain company to contact Lehigh International Consulting and Training LLC. They are merely illustrative and cover only a part of all the services we offer. If your case differs from the ones presented below or if you are not sure of the type of service you might need from us, please contact us at info@lehighinstitute.com and we will be glad to address your particular project.

Case 1: Your company has been receiving sales leads from other countries. Since you have never exported before, you are experiencing difficulties to attend and address those leads. After months of failed attempts to export, you decide it’s time to set up an international business department. You contact Lehigh International to help you do that.

Case 2: Your company has been exporting for a few years now, but there’s one big market that has been generating good business opportunities. Your company feels compelled to explore that market, find sales reps and/or create a network of local distributors. You contact Lehigh International to create a market entry strategy for that specific country.

Case 3: Your company decided to open its first plant abroad. You want to build a brand new plant in Brazil and have been receiving valuable information on that market and on foreign direct investment from your distributors there, but you still need an independent feasibility study to support, corroborate, guide or correct the fundamentals of that investment decision. You contact Lehigh International to design and develop your feasibility study.

Case 4: Your company already developed a feasibility study and ultimately decided to open a new plant abroad, but you need a location analysis to make sure the city, state and/or province you will choose for the investment is the best possible location for your industry. You contact Lehigh International to develop a location analysis for you.

Case 5: Your company’s Export Department has been operating well, but you sense it would be beneficial for your employees to attend or receive classes on International Business, Export/Import Operations, International Contracts, Foreign Direct Investment, Sales and Marketing, Trade Shows, Incoterms 2010 or related subjects. You contact Lehigh International to design and provide the seminars or courses your company deems necessary.

Case 6: You work as an International Business associate and you have been named the new Sales Representative for Latin America or Brazil. You don’t speak Spanish (or Brazilian Portuguese, if your position covers Brazil) and you want to learn the language to improve your professional performance and your commercial and social interactions. You need intensive and business oriented language classes. You contact Lehigh International to study those languages.

Case 7: Your company works with the Aerospace Industry in Brazil. You have been participating in some bids with big Brazilian players, but you haven’t been able to land a contract. You would like to have more information on how to prepare your business proposal to increase your chances in future bids. The same applies to Oil & Gas, Ethanol projects and other industries in Brazil. You contact Lehigh International to receive consulting services on the Brazilian market, their players, procurement processes and RFPs.

Case 8: Your company has been exporting for some time now, but most of your procedures and strategies are based on your business intuition. You would like to revise and correct all your export operations, procedures and documentation, in such a way your company can reduce costs, minimize risks and avoid costly mistakes. You contact Lehigh International to revise, correct, implement and document all your export operations.

Case 9: You are a foreign executive, professional or student. You intend to spend your vacations in the United States, but would like to study English, Spanish, Portuguese or International Business while vacationing. You contact Lehigh International to receive quotes on our International Students’ packages, so you can decide whether you will study in the US for 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months or even longer.

Case 10: Your company is negotiating the acquisition of a similar business overseas. You had access to their accounts, markets and financial statements, but would like to count on an independent consultant to review, just so you can make a more educated decision. You contact Lehigh International to study your foreign acquisition, merge or target company.