Lehigh Global Institute wants to be your integral solution when it comes to International Business. We use our solid expertise and global industry contacts to help you every step of the Export/Import process, while adopting the appropriate tools to measure and evaluate your project's progress.

From Rio to Tokyo

- Do you want to export but don't have an Export Management Department?

- Do you want to explore the commercial opportunities in big emerging markets?

- Do you want to create a structured procedural guide for your international activities?

- Are you receiving sales leads from other countries and do not know how to respond or to send a quote?

From Pricing to Packaging

- Creating an Export/Import Plan for your Business

- Sales and Marketing in Foreign Markets - Building an International Network of partners, prospects and distributors

- Packaging and Logistics

- How to set-up offices overseas

- International outsourcing

- Procedures and Operational Business Practices

- International Requests for Proposal.

We even help you Propose...

- RFP Bid Review  - We revise your proposal draft and provide correction/improvement recommendations.

- Proposal Coaching Service - We help you prepare your business proposal, from the topics to be covered to the best BAFO strategies.

- Full proposal Preparation Service We work with your staff to design your quoting and sales strategy and prepare a high-quality international proposal.


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