The premature return of an expatriate manager or poor performance of a top executive who has difficulties to adjust to his new country can become a costly human resource mistake.

And foreign executives and businessmen coming to the United States to work and develop businesses usually need professional support to adapt to American culture, habits and business environment.

For the former, modern Staffing Policies have long adopted the concept of Expatriate Management to select and prepare the best candidates for international management positions, so they are able to adjust to the new social, political and cultural environment, understand the business culture and support their families so they can adjust to their new life as well.

We have developed a 5-Dimension Approach:

1 – Expatriate Selection – Using principles of Global Mind-Set, Cross-Cultural Abilities and Family-Related Orientations.

2 – Cultural Training – Activities that are designed to attain a better understanding of the host country’s culture and society and improve the ability to perceive why people in other countries behave the way they do.

3 – Social Support – Activities that enhance the ability to socialize with other expatriates in the host country and increase the closeness to the host country’s own social network, including the social integration of all family-members to the new environment.

4 – Language Training – Basic initial lessons of the language spoken in the host country, aimed at increasing the level of social interaction, interpersonal skills and corporate integration.

5 – Business and Legal Issues – Corporate, government and fiscal subjects, especially the ones that are very different and should be addressed soon, so the manager’s lack of knowledge will not affect his/her performance or cause initial stress/frustration.

For foreign executives and businessmen coming to the United States, we offer several Ex-pat services, including:

Language lessons

Support for social adaptation and networking

Real estate search for both residence and investment

Consulting services for business development in the United States


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