Some companies like to receive specialized training. Others prefer the guidance and professionalism of a consultancy service.
We are here to cover those needs.
But in addition to those possibilities, Lehigh Global offers you the opportunity to totally outsource your international business department. We can develop and implement your market entry strategy, build your initial network of international distributors and reps, design the logistics of your product in different modes and countries and optimize your resources so your international operations can start in the most cost effective manner.
We can either become your permanent service provider, or simply create the aforementioned initial organizational structures while we train your own employees to take them over on a later stage.
It’s like hiring a temp aid to develop your international business, without the fixed cost of an extra office, employees or infrastructure, until your sales gain volume and are sustainable.
We will:
– Name one of our specialists as your account representative to take care of your business (20 hours/week)
– Create (or adapt your existing) marketing material to the particularities of the international markets.
– Create (or adapt your existing) documentation for exports/imports procedures.
– Create (or adapt your existing) sales contracts to reflect international aspects of negotiation.
– Develop a network of distributors or reps in the geographical area your company intends to operate in.
– Adapt your website to reflect information that is necessary and relevant to potential international customers.
– Contact your customers to make sure they have their questions/needs addressed.
– Identify forwarders, transportation companies and customs brokers to operate on a long term scope for your company.- Create packaging procedures for different types of transportation.
– Be trained by you in your products and replicate that training in your new network of international distributors.
– Support your international visitors.Once your international business gains strength and presence, we will hand over to you (with appropriate training) a fully operational export department, with procedures, marketing plans, pertinent documentation, logistics contacts and transport arrangements, targeted niches and all the related functionalities you need to conduct your business operations.General pricing and conditions.

1) These services are based on the same general terms and conditions of our consulting department.
2) Minimum 3 month contract.
3) Service is based on the assumption your company needs only one account representative to take care of your export department. If volume of work is higher than 20 hours/week, more than a representative might become necessary.
4) This 20-hour schedule implies that the representative will work at Lehigh Institute premises. Communication will be via conference calls, except for initial training on your products.
5) Our services can also be provided to international companies that need an operational international office in the United States until business volumes justify your own satellite office.
6) For a detailed quote, please contact us at info@lehighinstitute.com